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Smartphone Buying Guide – How to buy the best mobile phone

Almost always, after we are measured, there is a bright life. People are buying more, and the number of options as well. The list of options for choosing such smartphones can lead to a huge mess, so we offer a guide that will help you choose the best smartphone for your needs.

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Your smartphone's performance:

Your smartphone's RAM and processor, as well as the SoC chipset, or perhaps one of the components that give almost everything you make to a smartphone. It's essentially your brain system, and it's the hardware of the artificial intelligence process that basically enables, and is "smart" as you do, anyone today. This is due not only to the possibility of creating a more powerful device, but also to many other factors. One example is the drawing. Samsung does not use the Phone, for example, two transmission options-and put one Snapdragon chipset (the latter is the 865 Snapdragon+).

This is different from users who use their exynos from another Samsung process (the latter costs 990 exynos). Some reviewers say directly that the difference is only between the two counter power options, it is noticed that the fast access to Snapdragon is much more, but the ability to process the description. Hence, when you choose your smartphone, it is important to know what kind of process you want from it, as it directly correlates with performance. Including their most popular Snapdragon, Bionic A130, 990 Kirin Exynos and 990. Raw processors are widely known for their power, and their snapdragon equivalent was close to them in power. The process will be very powerful and features mid-range features such as the Snapdragon 730 and 730G, Snapdragon 675, MediaTek Helio G90T and other G85s and will generally be available in 2020.

Amount of RAM

If you have some capacity against budget to save money, you can think about it with one of the phone purchase processes, as they significantly reduce costs. This is unlimited RAM, the system memory that is used to store information on your smartphone, is actively used in the application. If you continue to use RAM as part of your smartphone, it continues to work. We use RAM to not include a lot of phone details, because it includes this term as the center of the space that will take you to the end point of this article. The amount of RAM has quite a lot of additional features that can run in the background, which will significantly affect your multitasking. However, in smartphone models that have a huge smartphone memory installed, it overcomes the barrier of 12-16 gigabytes. To do this, you probably aren't busting at the same time, especially if you aren't switching between 10-20 apps planned. If you are a more user-friendly smartphone, no one wants someone to use your phone, but a text message that with sapphire and viewing is easy with RAM you are gone for 3-4 gigabytes. For an experienced user, this will cost about 6-8 gigabytes.

Operating System of the Smartphone you buy

The operating system can come back with two options Android or iOS. Choosing a job will be the most difficult in your region, since the list of pros and cons of the operating system is quite large. If you want to play with it and customize it so for you, your team will play with you. If you like it. an easy-to-use tool that is constantly updated and over a longer period than your iOS team. However, Android is almost as powerful but easy, although there is a much easier-to-use version of android today, Gingerbreads. Just knows how to use in some cases is very limited. For example, you can't download an app online if it's not available in the app store, the split screen mode on the iPhone still works (but the iPad does), however, you can customize the screen on your phone (14 iOS widget includes), and the app can use the app not like you did well, but just change the look of the phone. However, you can have many advantages of iOS such as iMessage, FaceTime, constant software updates, and most importantly, an advertising program from the absence of harmful effects! We look to you,

Prefered User Interface

Xiaomi! Also, your USER INTERFACE should be USER-friendly for you, which includes the user interface for smartphones or there are many user interfaces (user interfaces) located above Android. OnePlus OxygenOS is a seemingly pure Android skin, comes with a Samsung UI Up, which is currently being improved not only by the TouchWiz watch, but also by the Xiaomi MIUI phone, a fun festival but well optimized for smartphones and Realme Oppo ColorOS, iOS inspired. The user interface is a key tool to purchase, to test whether you have any when developing for it.

A Good Display

Smartphone display size is good, obviously the limit of constant increase and constant expansion, as we might expect from a smartphone. Thanks to the Tula "phablet", the display even reached 6.9 inches! But when we started giving, we often use cold tea devices (as they are called now), it can be a good thing. We suggest you because above 5.7 inches to get really cheap. media and games. The display type comes when you have an LCD display and an AMOLED display. The AMOLED display has options such as OLED or AMOLED Super (Samael sung) as dark and has good contrast and. They also help to charge your batteries, because all black is turned off on the phone pixels describing the "black glitter". Next, you can see otherwise as Full HD, Full HD+ HD Quad. While the exact QHD image is really lacking, and the sapphire fhd qhd is really a lot of difference, especially for untrained eyes. You should also check how to protect your device. 5 and 6 smartphones use usually the current Gorilla Glass and smart they provide, sandwiches and glass. However, we are still highly recommended.


According to this model, the current memory size is more than 64 memory classes, below 128 for 512 gigabytes, and content from 400 gigabytes to 500 gigabytes. We apply almost every new swift receiver and our app to share information with us on all phones. So we have to save adequately. We recommend using much less than the 128 GB you don't have, because it gives you enough space to store your information, as well as download the app at any time. In addition, it comes with extended phone memory. Standalone flagship smartphone-6+ screen clock, network time meets the gold standard. What everyone has, secondly, is big and heavy, which even allows users to connect to the network.


It's amazing that a mid-range flagship phone can also reach 8-10 hours of screen time. The purpose of this phone call is that they may be able to get all day free. Therefore, you should check the batteries of this device before purchasing. In addition, it is important to try that you do not plan to buy a product that is able to achieve energy saving mode.


The quality of the camera that justifies the price in 2020 is still a multi-camera, although a single phone with a rear-view camera is very rare. Typical lenses with the most basic MP resolution, are a wide-angle lens and a portrait. In addition, there are a few additional features that you can also add something like a ToF sensor (flight time), and a macro lens filter with color lenses. It must be a lens for wide-angle painting lovers, now it can shoot a movie on your phone. Unable to take more on stage or not! An objective portrait, if done well, can also produce an impressive field of drawing. But if you find this trend of camera growth and just beat for you, you can not only sell the old one with a new phone through one lens or more well for the iPhone 2020 SE as well.

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