MIUI 12.5 Android 11

MIUI 12.6 China Beta 21.5.27 [Android 11] – Redmi Note 5 Pro/Ai

MIUI MIUI 12.5 China Beta
are Closed China Beta Builds which provide all the updates on time by Xiaomi. This project is endeavored with the best available features provided by Xiaomi with customized features best suited for well-refined experience.
MIUI China Beta currently supports Redmi Note 5 Pro/AI (WhyRed) and mainly focuses on Battery-Friendly as well as Performance required for On-Demand High-End Gaming. Basically it is ported from Tucana and Ginkgo

Main project maintainer for China Beta Android 10 : Pritish Singh

Main project maintainer for China Beta Android 11 : Akhilesh B Magar (RoadBlock_98)

Some MIUI 12.5 China Beta Features :

It is worth mentioning that these closed beta builds are meant for the Chinese variants, as Xiaomi suspended the rollout of MIUI global beta since last year. As a consequence, you have to flash these recovery ROMs using TWRP to bypass the MIUI beta account whitelisting. Do not expect Google Play Services or any pre-installed Google apps in them. Language options are likely limited to English and Chinese only, too. Xiaomi has yet to launch MIUI 12.5 globally. Meanwhile, you can try out the closed betas from China.

The beta MIUI 12.5 builds listed below are based on either Android 10 or Android 11, depending on the device. If you are looking for MIUI 12 stable releases, you can find those here.

Changelogs by Xiaomi for This Beta Version

Dark mode
New – You can switch to Dark mode at sunset and turn it off at sunrise automatically [21.5.27+ only]

Privacy protection
New – Incognito mode allows to suspend microphone, camera and location-related permissions for all apps

Screen recorder
New – You can access saved recordings or app settings directly from recording panel

Delayed devices:

Changelogs by MIUIRomPorts Team :

Updated Gapps added (No need to flash)

  1. Google Sync issues fixed
  2. GetApps (Chinese) removed…🤞🏻
  3. Few other Trash removed
  4. Google Account login issues fixed
  5. Old Cam Kernel
  6. Miui 11 Camera Added
  7. Themes import fixed
  8. Indonesia Lang Added
  9. YouTube no audio fixed
  10. MX player Mod Crash issues fixed
  11. Font wont apply for now

Downloads :

Redmi Note 5 Pro/AI (WhyRed)

1. For Redmi Note 5 Pro/Ai [Ported from Mi Note 10]

Supported Devices Are :


Thanks And Regards:

Abhishek Shakya (AbhiXShakya), Thanos AKA Manoj, EdwardROCKS and all of our PortHUB Family.

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  • 这次更新系统里面没有小米应用商店app,希望工程师们下次更新系统的时候把小米应用商店app加上吧,谢谢啦!如果没有小米应用商店下载东西很麻烦!谢谢啦!

  • 你们好,再次感谢所有工程师们的辛苦劳动!把这miui安卓11的12.5系统做的更好!持续期待更新下个版本!衷心的表示感谢了!

  • 敢问工程师,大佬们!现在这个Note5安卓11的miui12.5的系统rom包可以支持匹配刷红米Redmi K30s的机型吗?我希望工程师们可以把这个rom包适配给这个红米K30s的机型上,或者更多的机型!谢谢你们了!

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