MIUI Hellas

MIUI Hellas XTRV 21.6.16 Beta – Redmi Note 5 Pro/Ai

MIUI Hellas is the Official community of Xiaomi & MIUI (Fan Club) in Greece. This project is endeavored with the best available features provided by Xiaomi Official and mainly based on Xiaomi.EU MIUI Stable as well as Beta with customized features best suited for well-refined experience.
MIUI Hellas XTRV currently supports Redmi Note 5 Pro/AI (Whyred) and mainly focuses on Battery-Friendly as well as Performance required for On-Demand High-End Gaming. Basically it is ported from Redmi Note 7 (Lavender) as it’s Android 10 stability is unmatched.

Main project maintainer : Soumyajit (@Peru_Baccha)

Supported Devices Are:


Changelogs for Hellas By PortTeam :

1) Added MoonLight Kernel
2) Ok Google Working
3) Ghost Touch While Typing Fixed
4) Added MIUI 11 Cam By Default
5) Old Cam Based
6) Added Xiaomi Parts
7) Slow Charging Issue Fixed
8) Brightness Going High In Camera Fixed

Downloads :

1. Redmi Note 5 Pro/AI (WhyRed)

Ported from Tucana (Mi Note 10)

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Thanks and Credits for MIUI Hellas XTRV :

AbhiXShakya (Abhishek Shakya) , Akhilesh B Magar (RoadBlock_98), Pritish Singh, Thanos AKA MANOJ, PORTHUB Family and Our testers !!

At Last Thanks to everyone for using this rom and I hope everyone will enjoy this rom’s every build.

We are trying our best to do for making your device up to dated.

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