MIUI 12.5 Android 11

Xiaomi EU 12.5 [ANDROID 11 R] 21.1.6 V2 Beta ROM – Redmi Note 5 Pro/Ai

We MIUI Ports, Very Happy to Announce that we worked on MIUI 12.5 Android 11, and finally ported the most awaited Android 11 MIUI 12.5 for Our beloved Redmi Note 5 Pro/Ai. This project is started by Thanos AKA Manoj who is respected Team member of MIUI Ports Team and Further helped by Pritish singh who have done many fixes to Android 10 Ports.

We Respect there work on Android 11 Ports and The port is finally here.

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Important Features and Notes –

  1. Fixed Right Swipe down Control center gesture
  2. Fixed Spotify issues
  3. Fixed Global icon animations
  4. Fixed Bubbles Notification dark light, Dim light , Grey Light etc – Use Super wallpaper And Then Use Bubble
  5. Fixed All Types Sound issues
  6. More improvements On Sound Management – Feel More Better Sound Quality on Whyred
  7. No Call Echo issue
  8. No Low Call Volume Issues
  9. No Crack Sound Any type issues
  10. Battery improvements Compare to Previous Version
  11. Fixed Color Scheme
  12. Fixed Screen Burn
  13. Fixed Reading Mode
  14. More Faster App Open Close Speed
  15. Default Kernel – iron v11 Old Cam…
  16. More improved Animations Experience
  17. Added fps Counter – Use Xiaomi Parts
  18. More Faster , More Smoother , More Performance Packed Experience Compare To Previous Version
  19. Fixed SD CARD corrupt or Cant Read issue
  20. Color Accuracy improved
  21. Improved Charging
  22. PUBG 90fps Unlocked And Game improvements
  23. Magical SafetyNet Bypass – { Beta Stage } – Device Will Show Uncertified but All Banking Apps Working Without Root with default Miui Permissions and Permissive Mode
  24. Added Xiaomi Parts
  25. Improvements in First Boot time Management – First Boot Completed in 6-7 Mins { Previously took 11-12 mins }
  26. Some Port Development Management Changes For Devs
  27. Added KCAL on the Go Support – Xiaomi Parts
  28. Fixed Deep Sleep – Check with Any Application like France or DevCheck etc
  29. Added Direct installation Capability Of System Apps
  30. Fixed Slow Reboot Time
  31. Fixed MX Player Mod Apk issue
  32. Spectrum Added and Working – Xiaomi Parts
  33. CPU boost added and Working – Xiaomi Parts
  34. GPU boost added and Working – Xiaomi Parts
  35. Indonesian Love { Language } Available
  36. Fixed Brightness Does not Goes to Minimum Level
  37. Sound Assistant Working
  38. More improved Game Voice Changer
  39. Advanced Reading Mode
  40. Wifi + Hotspot working Together
  41. Some improvements in Status Bar Adjustment
  42. Mi Account login With Google working fine.. If you want Direct login, then Use Build prop file that i provided ..
    After Login Successful, Must Come to stock build prop..
  43. First Turn Off Device Watermark in Camera, Then Use…
    44 . Xiaomi Parts Use process – Go to Edit Toggle and add miui toggle and click on that toggle to enter into xiaomi parts

Known BUGS –

  1. Sound Enhancer Dirac
  2. Bluetooth Audio
  3. Cast Wireless Display
  4. Sensors Problem – Call, Light – Consuming Battery And Creating Brightness issues
    Currently You Can Try Extended HMP OLD CAM kernel For Good Battery Backup…
  5. Normal Video Recording issue on Mi Camera but Time Lapse, Slo Mo , Short Video etc All are Working fine – All Types Recording Working Fine in Gcam or trcam etc…

Test Rom and Give feedback Related to improvements or Bugs From Previous Version With tag me..

Some More Important Points Before Flashing the ROM –

  1. Currently Official Google Android A11 , Xiaomi official A11 , Xiaomi EU A11 , A11 Kernel compatibility etc All Have Bugs..
    Also its our First initial Version , So You may Face +69 Bugs… its a common thing currently…
    But in upcoming updates, you will Use a Bugfree, Performance, stability Based Roms sure..
  2. We did lots of hard work to fix Many Bugs…And Fixed Allmost all Major daily driver bugs.
    So, You Can use rom as Daily driver bcs it does not have Major bugs currently..
    So as a good user, Dont Do Any unnecessary Comments On initial Version..
  3. Dont expect Any Type Mods Or Special Tweaks Till Bug Fixes..
    First Priority is To Fix All bugs…After That, Special Tweaks will available..
  4. Use rom atleast two-three days to get stability with device….
  5. Dont Compare A11 initial With A10 Stable Roms.
  6. Dont Ask Any Question Related To AOD… its Harmful For Our LCD Device..

Attention Important Notes :

Basically its a internal beta MiUi 12 Android 11 based on Redmi note 8
And Xiaomi Said, Miui 12.5 Android 11 For Redmi Note 8 Will release in Mid to Late January with Many UI and Features changes..
But Xiaomi EU devs Provided this internal beta rom with MiUi 12.5 Beta tag, So we are saying it MiUi 12.5


  1. Chrome Update issue Fixed
  2. Chrome Crashed, Chrome Freeze or All types Chrome issues fixed
  3. Edgle, Mozilla etc Crash Fixed
  4. Voot App Fixed
  5. Improved Engine For Good Charging Speed
  6. Some Changes in Battery improvements Side
  7. More improved Performance
  8. Mi Scanner Fixed
  9. Google lens working in Mi Camera
  10. Allmost All Types Apps Crash issue fixed

Some Screenshots of MIUI 12.5 Android 11 Port :

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Downloads V2 :

Redmi Note 5 Pro/AI (WhyRed)

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Changelogs by Xiaomi for This Beta Version

New – Android 11 update [Mi 9 Pro 5G, Mi CC9/Mi 9 Lite, Redmi Note 8]. Redmi Note 8 didn’t get MIUI 12.5 yet – it’s expected to be released in mid-to-late January
Fix – Swipe-down for Control center gesture wasn’t working properly on the Home screen
Fix – Broken icons in certain apps, like Edge and Spotify [Android 11 devices]
Fix – Dark tint was overlaying expanded bubbles [Android 11 devices]
Fix – Payments via NFC (i.e. Google Pay) weren’t working [Mi 9/Mi 9T Pro]

System launcher
Fix – “Global icon animations” toggle was missing
Fix – If Global App vault is installed and set as the “-1 screen”, the default App vault was loaded on boot instead

Fix – Couldn’t confirm update prompt

WARNING FOR SNAPDRAGON 865 DEVICES: Certain settings, like auto-brightness or ringtone, might be reset after update.
WARNING FOR Mi 9 SE: After Android 11 update reboot to recovery causes reboot to Fastboot mode – TWRP disappears after update. To do update, boot your TWRP from fastboot mode, flash ROM and reboot to system.
This update is suspended for Redmi Note 9 4G/Redmi 9T, Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G/Mi 10T Lite. These devices are expected to get this update on mid-or-late January 2021, with Android 11 update accordingly.

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