MIUI 12.5 Android 11

Xiaomi EU 12.5 [ANDROID 11 R] 21.2.24 Beta ROM – Redmi Note 5 Pro/Ai

We MIUI Ports, Very Happy to Announce that we worked on MIUI 12.5 Android 11, and finally ported the most awaited Android 11 MIUI 12.5 for Our beloved Redmi Note 5 Pro/Ai. This project is started by Thanos AKA Manoj who is respected Team member of MIUI Ports Team and Further helped by Pritish singh who have done many fixes to Android 10 Ports.

We Respect there work on Android 11 Ports and The port is finally here.

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CHANGELOGS for Mi Note 10 Port for Redmi Note 5 Pro (WhyRed) Port :

  • Added 4K + 90FPS + 105 MBPS Screen Video Recording Support
  • PUBG 90FPS and 120 FPS Support added and Also 120 fps Working on supported Games – 120fps Screenshot attached
  • Completely fixed Status Bar
  • Default Kernel – Moonlight Old Cam – You Can Flash Any oldcam kernel
  • Fixed Vowifi From my side bcs Working Fine on China Beta and Global roms – Sometimes EU creating issue in some versions
  • Sleep mode Battery Drain 0% – Deep sleep more fixes
  • CALL Proximity Sensor Temporarily Fixed – Use pre installed Proximity Fix Application
  • New Charging Animation
  • improved battery and performance
  • Wifi Assistant Feature Changes
  • Fixed Document Preview issues
  • Fixed Some Layout Problems
  • New Style sync cloud added and Fixed data sync Cloud Problem
    14 App Open Close Speed Fixes
  • Ram Management improvements
  • Added Default Fake Screen Rate 120 fps For Faster graphics Rendering
  • Completely Modified and New Miui Launcher Features Added – Added Global icon Animation Feature
    Added Blur Background Recent Feature
    Added Blur Folder Feature
    Added Google Feed Support
    Unlocked Home Screen Layouts
    Recent Apps Style like iOS
    Unlocked High End Animation and Gesture Smoother Experience
    New App Uninstall Animation
    Updated App open Close Animation
  • Modified and Added MiUi Always on Display { AOD } -:- Added Miui Aod
    Added 10 sec aod feature
    Fixed and Working Aod Animated animation
    Added Lowest Rate Battery Consumption whioe Using AOD
    Animation Notification Support Added With Aod and Also Without Aod
    Fixed Bluetooth Audio Media Sound
    Added Some Codecs Support For Bluetooth Headphones For Sound Experience
    Enabled Free Battery Consumption Permissions
    Bluetooth audio on Call Fixed
    Bluetooth Audio Echo and Noises Fixed
    Added Higher Bit rates and Some High end Codecs For improve Sound Quality
    Added AAC Codecs and Smart Optimizations Audio Modems
    Added Some Oneplus Special Blobs For Special Oneplus bullets buds


  1. Voice Changer Feature Working On Games, Telegram, Whatsapp etc
  2. Sound Assistant Feature Working
  3. Swipe Between Control Center and Notification with swipe
  4. New Designed UI sound and vibration Settings Tab
  5. New Sound And Vibration Management Features
  6. Boobbles Chat Feature Working
  7. Play Store Certificate and Safety Net Passed With Original selinux Permissive Values
  8. Boot Sound Management Feature
  9. New Designed Wallpaper And Personalization tab
  10. New Control Center Brightness Slider expand UI
  11. Indonesia language Available
  12. Google Voice Match Working
  13. No Call Echo issues
  14. kcal supported
  15. Second Space Working
  16. No issue Related to Calling Time Volume Adjustment
  17. No Low Call Volume issues
  18. Nature Mix Sounds Working
  19. Old Cam Build, So better Picture Quality
  20. Hey Google or Ok Google Working
  21. Partial Screenshot Feature Working
  22. WiFi + Hotspot Feature
  23. Xiaomi Parts Working
  24. Screen Recorder 4K + 105 MBPS + 90FPS
  25. Global icon Animation Working
  26. iOS Style Recent Apps
  27. High End Miui Launcher Gestures Animation Unlocked
  28. PUBG 90fps and 120 fps Support Unlocked and Added
  29. MiUi AOD Modified Full Features Supported
  30. Animated Notification Support
  31. Natural Screen Color Experience
  32. 120fps Games, Apps Rate Unlocked For Supported Apps and Games
  33. Default Fake Screen Rate 120fps For fake Graphics Rendering

Bugs :

  • Miui Read Mode
  • Miui Color Scheme
  • Miui Sound Enhancer

Notes :

  • All other Except instructions are Same as Like Previous builds
  • if Any Bluetooth Device Faces Cant Adjust Volume With Keys – Then Enable Sound Assistant and Adjust Volume
  • Dont Use Super Wallpapers – Whyred HW is not capable, So you feel lags
  • More fixes And improvements will Available on Next build..
    Stay Tuned…..

Some Screenshots of MIUI 12.5 Android 11 Port :

IMG 20210226 152440 894 1
IMG 20210226 152511 749 1

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Downloads For Tucana Port :

Redmi Note 5 Pro/AI (WhyRed)

1. For Redmi Note 5 Pro/Ai Ported from Mi Note 10

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Changelogs by Xiaomi for This Beta Version

Optimization – Updated Android Security Patch to March 2021 [Redmi Note 7]
Optimization – Updated Android Security Patch to February 2021 [Redmi 9T]
Optimization – Replaced China Mi Browser with the Global one
Optimization – Restored Widevine L1 and OK Google support [Mi 10T Lite]

Fix – Document preview wasn’t displayed in Edit menu in other languages than English

Fix – Downloads app showed update suggestion dialog on launch

Fix – Fixed certain layout problems

Optimization – Wi-Fi assistant changes [Android 11 devices]

Optimization – Revamped “Sync with cloud” layout
Fix – Fixed the abnormal data problem that caused turning off sync with Xiaomi Cloud

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