MIUI 12.5 Android 11

Xiaomi EU 12.5 [ANDROID 11 R] 20.12.28 Beta ROM – Redmi Note 5 Pro/Ai

We MIUI Ports, Very Happy to Announce that we worked on MIUI 12.5 Android 11, and finally ported the most awaited Android 11 MIUI 12.5 for Our beloved Redmi Note 5 Pro/Ai. This project is started by Thanos AKA Manoj who is respected Team member of MIUI Ports Team and Further helped by Pritish singh who have done many fixes to Android 10 Ports.

We Respect there work on Android 11 Ports and The port is finally here.

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Important Features and Notes –

  1. First initial Android 11 version…
  2. Only clean Flash…
  3. Use Magisk v21.0 or Latest Version only
  4. Added Old Cam Based blobs For improve Photography Experience on A11..
  5. Flash Old Cam Based Kernel… Defaul Kernel Deagle v10.. You Can use Any Old Cam Based Kernel..
  6. Removed Unnecessary Apps, Permissions, Bloatwares
  7. Many Many Bug Fixes and Many Many improvements
  8. First Check Screenshots and Read Full Post, After That Download And Clean Flash…
  9. Added Indonesian love { Language }
  10. Safetynet Passed Without Root
  11. High End Real Time MiUi Blur Feature Added
  12. Hotspot + Wifi Together Feature Added
  13. Updated Network Drivers To improve your wifi, Hotspot , Sim Card Data Speed
  14. Updated Overall Sound Drivers
  15. Mi Account Working, Also without Google..
  16. Fod Fully removed

Some More Important Points Before Flashing the ROM –

  1. Currently Official Google Android A11 , Xiaomi official A11 , Xiaomi EU A11 , A11 Kernel compatibility etc All Have Bugs..
    Also its our First initial Version , So You may Face +69 Bugs… its a common thing currently…
    But in upcoming updates, you will Use a Bugfree, Performance, stability Based Roms sure..
  2. We did lots of hard work to fix Many Bugs…And Fixed Allmost all Major daily driver bugs.
    So, You Can use rom as Daily driver bcs it does not have Major bugs currently..
    So as a good user, Dont Do Any unnecessary Comments On initial Version..
  3. Dont expect Any Type Mods Or Special Tweaks Till Bug Fixes..
    First Priority is To Fix All bugs…After That, Special Tweaks will available..
  4. Use rom atleast two-three days to get stability with device….
  5. Dont Compare A11 initial With A10 Stable Roms.
  6. Dont Ask Any Question Related To AOD… its Harmful For Our LCD Device..

Fixed Bugs But Under Testing –

Some bugs Fixed but currently in under testing stage, so you will get fixes in upcoming updates –

  1. Bt audio
  2. Mi Sound Enhancer Dirac { External Working initial build }..
  3. Miui Reading Mode { External working in initial Build }
  4. Cast Screen Mirror

Unfixed Bugs – Soon Fix Available…

  1. Color Scheme

Some Screenshots of MIUI 12.5 Android 11 Port :

Downloads :

Redmi Note 5 Pro/AI (WhyRed)

MIUI 12.5 Performance Improvements By Xiaomi

According to the company the newly launched MIUI 12.5 is faster, lighter than the previous version. It is said to have 35 percent less background memory and 25 percent less power consumption. The company has also reduced the overall system apps, which can be uninstalled by the users depending on their requirement.

It’s an intermediate update but the company is claiming it no less than a complete version of UI update. The MIUI 12.5 comes with better “MIUI Light Cone Motion Effect Architecture” than the previous MIUI 12. It also packs a dedicated thread for gestures, reworked response time, and priority scheduling.

As per Xiaomi, with MIUI 12.5 the developers had upgraded the computing power to 20-times the Rendering Engine than before. The developers have worked on the UI animations as well to deliver a more seamless experience. In the previous version, the company launched a Super Wallpaper which was a live wallpaper for Mars and Earth and with MIUI12.5 the company has included new locations to the live wallpapers. The newly added locations include a Snow Mountain taken from Mount Siguniang, it is one of the highest mountains in the Qionglai Mountains chain.

The company has captured a 24-hour timeline for the wallpaper which changes to match the time of day and night. The company also claimed that it will roll out more wallpapers to the UI in the first half of 2021. The company has also tweaked the notification sounds and introduced animal sounds from four major habitats South American Rainforest, Australia, East African grassland, and the Arctic Circle.

Apart from all this, the developers have also improved the Haptics, the company claims that it has refined the feedback vibrations of options such as lock, tap, Gesture, and more. With MIUI 12.5 the company has also improved the privacy in Clipboard Protection, File Storage, Browser, and Location.


The company has introduced its first-ever cross-border connecting feature with the new MIUI 12.5. This feature will allow users to View Mobile notifications, Open Apps, Copy/Paste Text, Open Screenshots, View Web pages from Mobile directly on computer.

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